Thursday, July 18, 2013

Homeschooling 4 kids on a tight budget.

            So I have 4 kids, from 7th down to 4th. Tiffiny 13, Lisa 12, Matthias 11, Anna 09. All have different Ideas about what we should learn and how we should do it. I listen to their Ideas and then we talk about it. Your kids will have ideas and some will be great, other may not be something you can do right now, or things that wouldn't work so much for your family.So, i'm going to give you a few ideas that might help you and also link you to a couple others who have great ideas as well.

1. Use the Web, their are so many great free Ideas and things to print off. Their is thousands of websites and blogs you can get free things from.

2. Your library use it and get books and learn through them. We go weekly, i have the kids get books and write about what they read or tell me about the book. its great when you know you spent nothing on the book and your child leaned about where electricity came from and how it was invented.

3. Used book stores, they have great books that other people no longer need. hey i would rather buy a book that is $2.00 instead of $15.00 any day. just look through them and make sure their is not any damage to the pages, and most will buy them back latter or give you in store credit.

4. Clearance isle at large stores. if you kids love crafts and reading look in the clearance isles. this gets me in trouble( love this isle ;) but you can get things for a fraction of the price. just don't buy things if you know it will never be used.

5.Other MOMS, Get connected with other home school moms, some will give or sell you things they nolnger use or that didn't work for them. just talk to other home school mom and ask their opinion about what works for them. we love to help others find their way.

Some pages that will help you on your way.  this has free math this page has a list of free pages and its good, I use it. this page you will search through and pay only for the shipping it is used. this has some free ideas and printable pages. free pages and ideas  great pages to print for free

I hope this helped you, please leave a message if you have any questions or comments.

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